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Individually designed and created by Rebecca Cormack

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Each and every piece is designed and created by me, using the best quality fine, or sterling silver. I love a challenge and have made beautiful pieces based on the wishes of my clients. if you have a special commission or gift idea please contact me to see if we can make your vision come to life.
Silver is literally from the stars…
Silver forms in huge star explosions called Supernovae and all of earths silver came to us via meteor showers.
Reprobate | Made From Starstuff

Sterling Silver

I only use the best quality silver in my creations. Pure silver is too soft for most jewellery pieces and that is why most are made in sterling silver. Sterling silver is made up of at least 925 parts pure silver to every 1000, the rest usually made up of copper to give it more strength. For this reason sterling silver tends to tarnish when not worn. Please take a look at the section “Caring For Your Silver” to see how to keep it beautiful.

Fine Silver

Some of my pieces are made in Fine Silver which is as pure as silver gets needing to be at least 999 parts pure silver to every 1000 to obtain its hallmark. Fine silver is soft and so my fine silver pendants will always be on Sterling Silver chains for strength. Fine silver has the added bonus of not oxidizing as sterling silver does, however I still recommend the use of a silver polishing cloth to keep it at its most beautiful.
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