Acorn Pendant


Acorn Pendant made in Solid Sterling Silver (925 parts per 1000)

Measures approximately 23mm long and 15mm wide. It comes with 24”curb chain and weighs approximately 23gms.

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From tiny acorns, great oak trees grow… a poignant symbol for anyone, particularly for me as my father gave me the idea for this piece.

I wanted to make as realistic an acorn as possible to symbolise growth and new beginnings but was unable to find the real thing as a model. I suspect the squirrels had hidden them all away. I reached out asking if anyone could help. A couple of days later I came home to find an acorn in an envelope on my doorstep. A very old friend had spent hours searching woods where she lived and then driven miles out of her way to deliver this precious seed.

I have replicated by hand each detail as best I can to honour such a special gift and while every pendant is based on the original acorn, being hand finished, each one is beautifully unique.

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