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The Honour Collar


*Can be ordered as an individual item or as part of a captivating set.

Hand crafted Collar made in Sterling Silver (925 parts per 1000)
Measures 12mm deep and 330mm round, 50mm of this being open at the back in a torque design. Weighs 38gms



A subtle yet powerful piece, The Honour Collar is beautifully sleek in design with a very modern smooth finish.

The measurements for this piece are shown but it can be made in any size to suit.

The Honour Collar lends itself perfectly, as do the matching Honour Bangles, to being engraved with a secret message inside.
When buying the complete set of The Collar with two Honour Bangles, I would like to send my congratulations with the special price for the set. Enjoy. An incredible 82g of high quality silver

Additional information

Order as Individual item or set

Individual item, As set with 2 Slave Bracelets

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